Monkey Dogs And Ape Terriers-What About The Affenpinscher

Mentoring With Jeff 2019 You might be wondering why I am writing about Monkey dogs and Ape terriers also known as Affenpinschers, so the reason I am writing about this dog is I am now promoting pets and health. You Read more…

monkey dogs and ape terriers
goal setting

Goal Setting Steps To Accomplish Your Dreams

What Are Your Dreams?

I chose this topic for my article to share with you because many of you will be using goal setting to make changes for the new year, so many of us start to think what changes we need or want to make around the time Christmas is near. 

My Goals For The New Year

I am already starting to work towards my goal setting for next year, and you can expect to find a new store on Mentoring With Jeff. One thing about life is you must be flexible and be willing to make changes as time goes by, so your first step is deciding what are my needs and wants for the future?