Precious Pets Gift Shop is devoted to all types of animals, but especially your pets. You will find recipes and tips in my articles with plenty of videos and pictures in every article. I have a deep passion for dogs and cats, but an extra special connection with puppies. I welcome you to visit my website as often as you wish and feel free to provide me comments and feedback on my articles, and my website is dedicated to pet lovers like you.

I chose this prayer simple because it expresses what is in my heart for animals large and small


If you are like me, you can’t resist the temptation of cuddling with puppies of all dog breeds, and even though I believe you develop a special bond when you raise any animal from a baby, adopting a pet from a shelter or animal rescue center is a very special thing you can do.

Adopt A Pet

Adopting a pet from an animal shelter you will find to be a very rewarding thing you can do, and I recommend anyone in search of a pet from a shelter set up an alert delivered directly to your email. The best websites I suggest you set up alerts are Petfinder and Adopt A Pet, and you will the majority of the animal adoption organizations use these two websites. I used these alerts to find my present canine companion eight years ago, and if you are patient and check your emails daily, you can find a puppy just like I did eight years ago.

Adopting A Pet From A Shelter

Dogs And Cats

Maybe you prefer to adopt a pet which is older, and this is especially beneficial for folks with a busy schedule and senior citizens. Many of you might not realize if you are sixty-five years of age or older many shelters waiver the adoption fee, and since many seniors are on a fixed income, this provides you the opportunity to add a companion to your home. Another benefit by adding an older pet to your home is most often they are already house-broken, and some people just find it difficult to potty train a puppy with a busy schedule.


You will find recipes in my articles which are chemical-free, and I do believe from my own experience natural pet products is the best way to go for pet food, treats and pet supplies. My Rottweiler has never been exposed to any of these products with chemicals, and at the age of eight-years-old his fur is shiny and soft, and he has the energy of a puppy. Rottweiler’s average age expectancy is only ten-years-old, and I am doing everything within my power to lengthen his life to keep him with me as long as I possibly can.


I share tips in every article so you can learn something new in every article I write for you, and many of my tips will be focusing on natural pet care and specific dog breeds. I will be writing articles from time to time on specific breeds for you to learn more about the different breeds of dogs available, and even I have been surprised how many dog breeds I did not know existed before starting to research. I recommend if you are interested in information on specific dog breeds visit The Kennel Club website, and I have used this website many times to research the breeds of dogs which interest me for my own personal use.

Precious Pets Gift Shop

Precious Pets Gift Shop is a dream of mine since I was in photography school many years ago, and now I am retired and making my dream come true. My articles always is a priority before my gifts in my shop, but what type of gifts you will find are personalized gifts with images and text. I also am providing the option for you to personalize your gifts with your own images and text if you desire, and the gift shop will be a continuous work in progress with changes added regularly. What is the most important aspect of my shop from me to you is to provide you the lowest prices, and a portion of the earnings will be donated to fight against animal abuse.

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I do believe animals especially pets are a gift from God

What Is On My Mind Today?

I love animals of all types with all my heart, and I used to own a country home with property which I managed for the wildlife. Just being able to observe the animals visiting my property was enough to make all the work worth it, and I have always had a soft spot in my heart for animals large and small.

My name is Jeff and my passion in my life at this time is writing articles for animal lovers like you