Do You Love Dogs And Cats?

Affiliate marketing programs in the pet industry is the perfect business opportunity for animal lovers and pet owners, you already are an expert with a wealth of information to share if you own a pet yourself. So if you love animals and are searching for a business to start online, this might be the opportunity you have been waiting for?

Pet Industry Facts

You might find this amazing but more than half of the homes in the United States shares their lives with their pets, you will notice if you start to pay more attention to how many people you see with a dog or cat in their car when traveling. In my little country town in Pennsylvania the parks are usually filled on the weekend with people and their animal companions, and today you will see many people are dressing their fur babies up when they take them out.

  • Dogs
  • Cats
  • Reptiles
  • Horses
  • Birds
  • Fish
  • Exotic Animals

There is an estimated over 300 billion homes which own some sort of pet in the United States alone, and the average household spends approximately 60% of their spending on their pets, but many spend even more. It is no secret we love to spoil our precious pets, so affiliate marketing programs in the pet industry can be a good business to consider especially if you have a passion for animals.

affiliate marketing programs in the pet industry
People will pay a high price for exotic pets such as the Lemur

Revenue Facts

  • Pet Food Estimated Over $24,000 Billion
  • Supplies $15 Billion Plus
  • Vet Care $16 Billion
  • Pet Purchases $3 Billion
  • Grooming / Boarding $6 Billion

These are just the revenue statistics predicted for the year 2016, so you can imagine who much more revenue is coming in for these in the year 2019. Plus, there are many more products you can earn from when you promote affiliate marketing programs in the pet industry.

  • Clothing
  • Gifts
  • Home Decor
  • Memorial Products
  • Pet Friendly Hotels
  • Insurance For Pets

I hope this gives you an idea how this could be a great opportunity for anyone with the passion and motivation to start their own online business in this industry. Of course this is a competitive niche ,but it is one which you know is not a fad and is going to be around as long as there are people and animals.

So maybe a pet business is not right for you, I remember how I struggled from one niche to another until I find this was the right one for me. So for those of you struggling to choose a niche I am including this quiz .

Take The Niche Quiz Here

Best Affiliate Programs

Everyone one they choose their industry and are ready to shop for products to promote asks this question, you might be disappointed to hear that there is no one answer which fits every business. I do have some tips to help you narrow your list no matter what type of business you choose to start.

  • Be The Consumer Instead Of The Seller
  • Stay With Products / Programs Within Your Niche
  • Competition
  • Consumer Demand
  • Commission Rates
  • Price Range Of Products To Promote
  • Product Quality
  • Research The Affiliate Program’s Reputation

What I do when deciding which products to share with you in my pet care articles, I choose products I would purchase and use myself. I figure if I would purchase this product so would other pet owners as well, but I always try to find high-quality products at the best deals.

affiliate marketing programs in the pet industry
Using these tips will narrow down the products and programs right for your business

Most Important Tip

I learned from years of jumping from one industry to another you seldom are happy and successful until you find the right niche, so really finding the right niche you have a passion for is the most important tip you will find in the entire article. I do recommend you take your time making this decision before starting your business, but I am where I belong promoting affiliate marketing programs in the pet industry.

Affiliate Programs

Since this article is focusing on starting a business in the pet industry, I imagine you are interested in some pet affiliate programs I recommend.

These are some affiliate programs in the pet industry I recommend you check out. I also provide Free Mentoring no matter what niche you decide to promote, you can also share your business links with me and I will post them on my Free Mentoring page at no cost to you. I do this to help anyone with an online business, so take advantage of my Free Mentoring and Link Sharing page.

Mentoring With Jeff

Affiliate Marketing Networks

You can also join some affiliate marketing networks and find even more programs in pretty much any business category you are going to promote, so for your convenience I listed some networks you can join.

These should give you a good start on your search, you will be happy to hear joining these are Free and no cost to you. I can almost guarantee you will find some programs in any niche you decide to promote, so these are the best networks I recommend you start with.

affiliate marketing programs in the pet industry
Don’t forget you can check YouTube for videos for more resources as well

Top Pet Affiliate Programs

The programs on this list is provided by the website Run The Affiliates, so this is the list they recommend as the highest paying programs in the pet industry.

  • Pet Warehouse
  • Petsies
  • Natural Wonder Pet Company
  • Pet Plate
  • Pupjoy
  • Dogonit
  • Pet Cube
  • Ollie Pets Inc
  • King Kanine
  • Doggie Merch

I must admit many of these I am not familiar with myself personally, but they are highly recommended by Run The Affiliate so you might want to add them to your list to check out.

Did You Miss My Last Article?

For anyone who might have missed my last article which was How To Start Your Own Blog In The Pet Industry, I just gave you some tips and shared my own mistakes in this article. So if this sounds like something you would like to read, you can click on the link below.

How To Start Your Own Blog In The Pet Industry

Affiliate Marketing Programs In The Pet Industry

Anyone interested in starting their own online business similar to mine are more than welcome to contact me on my Mentoring Page, I will be more than happy to assist anyone in need. Helping people is my other passion and purpose in life, so that is the reason I created my mentoring page with free mentoring and free link sharing along with my pet business. This blog will eventually be a mentoring blog once I open my pet store, so I can also mentor you on creating your own pet store if that is the type of business you want to start online.

What Is On My Mind Today

I have decided to turn this website back to what I created it for in the first place; I created this website as a mentoring page to help people who wish to start their own online business. I must admit I got distracted when adding my pet business into my life, but soon as my store is open this will be a mentoring website once again.

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Mentoring with Jeff provides small business owners and bloggers free business training through this website. You will find some affiliate links on this website to assist with keeping my business training up and running, but if you purchase any of these products there will be no extra charges for you. I post very few affiliate links in my blog posts, but I do provide you with links to other websites for your convenience and links to other pages on my website which may be useful to you.


Timotheus · September 7, 2019 at 6:30 am

Wow! Thank you so much for sharing this. And yes!!! I love all kinds of animals – dogs, cats, hamsters, lizards, fishes, etc – all kinds! And this looks like an industry that I would naturally be a match for.

I am doing affiliate marketing, and have thought of doing it for the pet industry. This information and the knowledge of the affiliate programs available will definitely help me. It will be a shorter route to success since I have this helpful information already. Thank you again! 😀

    Jeff · September 19, 2019 at 10:39 am

    Thank You Timotheus,

    You don’t know how much it pleases me to hear you have a passion for the pet industry,
    I believe anyone with a love for animals this is a good niche for them to consider.

    It is a fact the majority of pet owners spend more on their precious pets than
    on themselves


dena briley · September 8, 2019 at 2:39 am

Thanks Jeff, great article! I have a pet blog and have been in the niche for a while now. I am always looking for more affiliate programs that pay a better rate. You have listed several I am not aware of so will be checking them out in the future.

How To Promote Affiliate Programs In The Pet Industry – Mentoring With Jeff · September 14, 2019 at 10:35 am

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