Best Bitcoin Affiliate Programs

best bitcoin affiliate programs
What Is Bitcoin

Best Bitcoin Affiliate Programs came to me from being approached by so many people trying to get me to join them, but you will not find any of these in my best high-paying affiliate store. The reason for this is, I have never taken the time to research them before deciding to write this article. You will never find any affiliate links in my business tutorials, I am devoting my posts to providing you the best information and resource links.

What Is Bitcoin

The way I understand it Bitcoins are actually a computer file, but before you can purchase these you will need what is referred to as a Bitcoin Wallet. You are able to convert these into cash by the way I understand it, you are also able to use them for transactions that are stored in a public called the blockchain. If you are confused you are not alone, so first you need a digital wallet to keep your treasure in.

What Is Bitcoin Wallet

You will need one of these digital wallets to keep track of your bitcoins, you can get this by downloading the app and the best one recommended is by the website The You can visit their website for their full review on the seven best bitcoin wallets if you desire to.

Are You Ready For What Is Next

With all the people hitting me up to join their programs I started to ask myself is bitcoin for me, I must admit it did not take me long to realize this is something I would have to research before adding to my best high-paying affiliate programs. So this article is an important resource for me as well as for you, so for your convenience, I have inserted the links to these programs and I will not be earning anything if you join.

best bitcoin affiliate programs
Would You Buy Bitcoins

Why Such A Difference In Prices

The difference in price is supposed to be determined by supply and demand, so the prices can change almost overnight I have heard. As for me, I have no plans to invest in purchasing any bitcoins, but I am trying to keep an open mind about adding them to my store for my readers.

Best Bitcoin Wallets

  • Coinbase
  • Trezor
  • Electrum
  • Blockchain
  • Robinhood
  • Exodus
  • Mycelium

These are the best recommended by The Balance in their article The 7 Best Bitcoin Wallets of 2019, so for more information on these, I suggest you use the link to go to their article.

Where Can You Buy Bitcoins recommends you consider these options if you are interested in purchasing, so here is what this organization suggests to be your best choices.

For more information, you can go to to learn more.

Best Bitcoin Affiliate Programs

GR1 Innovations provided their article on The Top 5 Best Bitcoin Affiliate Programs, so that is where I found this list to share with you.

Local Bitcoins

  • 20% Referral Commission
  • Earn Daily Bitcoins
  • 20% Participants Commissions
  • Tested & 100% Legitimate
  • Highly Recommended

In my opinion, I would consider joining this affiliate program but I still am not comfortable investing my money into purchasing bitcoins.


  • Second Best Choice
  • 30% Commissions Indefinitely
  • Includes Your Signups Purchases & Sales As Well

X Coins

  • Number Three On The List
  • Up To 50% Transaction Fees To Affiliates
  • Up to 5% To Your Tier Affiliates
  • Steady Stream Of Income


  • 10% From Ad Revenues
  • 5% Link Publisher
  • 5% Website Owner Earnings


  • 12-15% Per Sale Depends on Your Ranking
  • One of The Top Programs in This Industry
  • Popular BTC Wallet as Well

They also give Coinbase an honorable mention in their article as another one of the top programs to consider, so now you have some work to do deciding which ones might be right for you.

What Is On My Mind Today

After researching for this article I am seriously going to consider if I will add these to my best high-paying affiliate programs or not, I must admit they are very tempting with how much you possibly could earn. So I hope this article helped you as much as it has helped me to learn more about bitcoins and how they work. I do recommend anyone interested in investing in purchasing consult an expert first, you don’t want to invest your money without being sure you are investing in a good product.

3 Replies to “Best Bitcoin Affiliate Programs”

  1. Thanks for this great article, Jeff. Like you, I have been approached numerous times to buy bitcoins or join bitcoin affiliate programs. And also just like you, I am hesitant because I am unsure of this digital currency.

    But today, it seems this is something that will not go away. Even some banks are dealing with bitcoins now. And your article on the best bitcoin affiliate programs comes at the right time.

    May I know – Bitcoin has been around for a long time. Is it a good time to join the affiliate program now? Or am I too late, and the money making opportunity is gone?

  2. Thanks for this article, Jeff. I have been both curious and wary of Bitcoin. Your excellent information has given me needed answers as I too have been approached by numerous people to join a BitCoin affiliate. I don’t think this is for me and I thank you for making me more aware of what BitCoin is, so that I’m confident in my decision. I do respect, however, that other people may want to take a chance, and this information will be helpful.

  3. I do not know very much about BitCoin, I want to thank you for posting this great article and after watching the video it seems rather risky. I think if I was to get involved I would definitely have to do my due diligence to find out a whole lot more of how it works. I do agree it is up to the individual if they want to try it out and if they are one that likes to live on the edge it might just be perfect, for me I am a bit more conservative.

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