Best CBD Affiliate Program

best cbd affiliate programs
Mentoring With Jeff Does Not Insert Any Affiliate Links In His Business Tutorials

This video might scare many of you from starting your own business, but by promoting the best CBD affiliate programs you don’t need to go through all the anxiety and stress as this video shows you. If you are interested in the health industry feel free to check out my best high paying health opportunities page, you can join any of these absolutely free.

Health Industry Networks

You will find several networks with programs in the health industry, but where I recommend you start your search is at the world’s first CBD network. If you are like me, you might have never known such a place existed, but lucky for you, I just happened to find the best affiliate network that specializes in high-paying companies you can promote all in one place.

CBD Affs Network

I was surprised to find out this network has been in this industry for 15 years, so that is even before this health product was well-known as it is today. This company is proud to share they are dedicated to their publishers and their advertisers, and they make it a point to provide you with the trust and transparency of their company.

  • 1500 Plus Affiliates
  • 50 Plus Brands
  • 2500 Plus Products

If you are interested in more information about joining as an affiliate feel free to use the link below:

Learn More About The Affiliate Program

best cbd affiliate program
Best CBD Affiliate Program

Grow Your Brand

Since my business is devoted to small business owners and bloggers, I want to share if you happen to own a CBD business you might want to check into listing your business with this company. For you, I have also included a link below for more information:

Learn More About CBD Affs For Your Business

Recommended Programs

Since I know all of you might not interested in joining this network, I have also included some of the best affiliate programs with high commission for you. I prefer to join with companies directly myself as well, but some of the companies you can only become a partner by joining a network they belong to.

  • Hemp Bombs
  • CBD Essence
  • Diamond CBD
  • CBD FX
  • Koi CBD
  • Nu Leaf Naturals
  • Sol CBD
  • CBD Pure
  • CBD Hive
  • Pure Spectrum
  • CBD BioCare

You will be happy to know all of these pay between 15-20 percent commissions, and these companies are some of the most trusted brands on the market today. None of the CBD program links above are affiliate links, you can join CBD BioCare through my Best High-Paying Affiliate Programs store, and feel free to shop my other niche programs if you wish to.

Arthritis and CBD

According to the Arthritis Foundation, CBD may help people with arthritis since through studies it does provide pain relief and anti-inflammatory benefits, and some people have experienced an improvement in their quality of life by using these products. So this could be a good sign you could promote this niche to people with arthritis, and anyone with a website that focuses on seniors can possibly benefit by adding one of the programs in this article for more traffic and sales.

  • Sabiadee Relief Rub
  • Spruce Topical CBD Cream
  • Fab CBD Topical
  • Green Roads Topical
  • CBDol Tropical Salve

The creams above are recommended by the American Marijuana Organization. For more information, I suggest you visit their website.

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Best CBD Affiliate Program

If you do a Google search you are going to find different opinions which programs are the best to join and promote, so what I recommend is you research enough of these programs until you find the ones that provide’s what you are searching for.

First, you want a company with a high-quality product or products, and then you want a commission 15% or higher. Any company that does not provide its affiliates a detailed report of their business and their products I would stay away from, and I always look into what are the values of the company, money or helping people with their products. I also would want a program that provides an assistance program for people on a low income, and even though this is not a must, it would prove to me where this companies heart really is.

Nu Leaf Naturals pays you 15% commission plus they provide an assistance program, so depending on if earning a higher commission is more important to you than helping people this might be the program for you. I really feel people would trust you promoting a company that provides an assistance program, but the final choice of course if yours.

Best CBD Affiliate Program

If you consider my tips above I really believe you will find the best affiliate program for you, but many people allow money to make their decisions for them when choosing what companies to promote. The perfect company and product for me might not be perfect for you, we all must consider what we value the most before choosing our niche and the programs we promote.

What Is On My Mind Today

I started publishing my articles without affiliate links to prove to you, money is not what is most important to me. I joined Wealthy Affiliate and pay a monthly membership just to provide business tutorials to the members, and I added my online store with the best high-paying affiliate programs because I know the majority of people lack the skills to find them on their own, but this website is what motivates me to get out of bed every morning to help small business owners and bloggers like you.

Thank You For Reading My Articles And Commenting If You Do,


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  1. I wanna do CBD affiliate programs! Thanks for this great list!

    But I live in Singapore, and I am scared to do it. Because it is illegal in Singapore, and if caught selling this, the seller can get hanged. Yes, I know – barbaric.

    But do you know if I can be based in Singapore, and yet sell it in, say USA? And not be implicated or be affected by local law here?

    1. Thank You, Timotheus,
      I can’t answer your question being I am in the USA,
      but I would hope you can find out the answer and be
      able to promote CBD products in the USA despite living
      in Singapore


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