Blogging Tips For Beginners On Keywords

blogging tips for beginners on keywords


Blogging tips for beginners on keywords is your key to ranking on the first page of search engines such as Google, and this is how you will receive the most of your traffic to your blog or website. SEO represents Search Engine Optimization which the words or phrases you focus your article on dictates how your rank on search engines, so let’s learn some basic strategies to get you started.

How To Choose Your Post Title

The best titles will receive the most clicks which in turn will bring more visitors to your website or blog, you want your title to be simple and descriptive enough for people to understand what your article is all about. Keyword phrases are your best strategy for attracting people’s attention and at the same time rank you high on search engines, here are some tools referred to as blog post generators you can use.

What I recommend is you put yourself in your potential website visitor’s shoes, you can just ask yourself would my title be interesting enough to entice me to read my article?

blogging tips for beginners on keywords
You will find some of the tools in this article are free and some are paid tools

SEO Tools

There are tools available that will make your life much simpler starting out with your new business, but I have found what frustrates many beginners is the lack of knowledge these tools exist and how to find them.

  • Google Analytics
  • Adwords Keyword Tool
  • Open Site Explorer
  • SEO by Yoast
  • Google Webmasters
  • Bing Webmasters

You will be happy to know these are all free SEO tools recommended beginners have and use, so I hope you will check these out and make good use of them.

Digital Marketing

Why keyword research is so important is it is the most powerful strategy and tool to reach the most people, I read while researching this article you can reach over half of the population in the world by using the right keywords. Now let’s see exactly how keyword research tools work, you must understand this process to choose the best words to rank for.

  1. Type in generic words related to what you are going to write about in the search box you prefer.
  2. You will then receive ideas and related words.
  3. I recommend you begin with broad topics related to your article topic
  4. Choose at least 5 words which searchers use often to find information on your topic
  5. Now you are ready to do some serious keyword research

Recommended Research Tools

The following tools are recommended and used by the majority of professional bloggers who have been successful for years, so these are good places to start researching which tool you prefer to use.

  • SEM Rush is at the top of the list of the majority of professional bloggers, you can test this out for free to see if it is right for you. If you like this tool you do get a 30-day-free-trial, you will find their subscription plans start at $99.95 per month.

What You Get

  • Keyword Analytics
  • Website Position Tracking
  • Social Media Tools
  • Content Optimization

Of course, this is an amazing asset to your researching but you must consider can you really afford and need such an expensive tool at this time?

  • Ahrefs is another amazing tool favored by professional bloggers online, and the keywords explorer is rated as one of the best keyword research tools online. You can try it out for $7.00 for one week, but after one week it will cost you $99.00 per month.

What You Get

  • Search By Country
  • Keyword Data
  • Up To 100 Keywords Per Search
  • Individual Keyword Overview
  • Ranking Difficulty
  • Keyword Search Suggestions
  • Related Topics
  • And More

Again I feel this too is awesome for any business, but the cost can be a bit high for someone just starting a business.

blogging tips for beginners on keywords
Free Keyword Research Tools For Beginners

Recommended Free Tools

I really suggest beginners consider using one of these free research tools when starting their business, I just don’t see investing any more money than you need to when you are first starting out.

  • Google Adwords Keyword Planner is the preferred choice by many new bloggers, you will find this tool provides its information from Google. Beginner friendly and simple to use and understand, you will only receive basic information from this tool but it is rated the number one free keyword tool for beginners.

What You Get

  • Keyword List
  • Monthly Searches
  • Competition
  • Beginner Friendly
  • Suggest Bid For Google Advertising

This is rated as the best free keyword research tool online still today, so this is the first one you might want to check out if you are going with the free route.

  • Uber Suggest is recommended to use along with Google Adwords Keyword Planner, you will find keywords not available through Google by using Uber Suggest which is a great strategy to find even more of the right keywords.

What You Get

  • Additional Keywords Not Available on Google
  • Image Searches
  • Shopping
  • YouTube
  • News

These are the two best free keyword research tools and the best strategy on how to benefit by using both of them together, you could miss potential keywords by using just one of these alone.

Long-Tail Keywords

Long-tail keywords are phrases that describe what your article is about, you will find the majority of searchers use this type. These are what you want to use for the most traffic from search engines, so low competition and enough monthly searches are your best strategies. By using the tools in this article you are going to be able to research the most effective, I have two more affordable keyword research tools I recommend you consider.

  • Jaaxy you can try for free, you can do 30 free searches but after that, it is going to cost you $49.00 per month.
  • Squirrly gives you the option to choose three plans, you can go with the free plan with 3 searches monthly. The pro plan which is the most popular in my opinion provides you 100 searches per month, and this plan will cost you monthly $29.95. The business plan with 300 searches per month costs $71.99, I recommend the pro plan for the beginner if you require more than 3 searches per month which most of us do.

You can get by as a beginner using Google Adwords Keyword Planner with Uber Suggest for free, and once you are ready to upgrade, I recommend you chose either one of these affordable keyword research tools. There are some bloggers who do just fine using the two free tools without ever upgrading, but of course, the paid ones make your research easier and quicker for you.

blogging tips for beginners on keywords
Answers to questions people ask me

Blogging Tips For Beginners

I provide free mentoring online and I receive questions from people all the time, so I am going to provide answers to some of the most common questions asked by people.

Q: How Long Should My Blog Post Be

A: Many of my fellow bloggers take their word count very seriously, but I have found it is not the length or how many words which makes your blog SEO friendly. I will get arguments from many bloggers on this, but I have found it is what is in your blog which matters the most. You should aim for at least 500 words, and you can go as many as 2000 words if you wish. What I recommend is focus on providing useful information with good external links to websites that can help your readers will increase your ranking on search engines, but of course, it all starts with choosing high ranking keyword phrases before anything else.

Q: How many Times Should I Use My Keyword

A: I am sure every blogger uses their keyword a variety of different times depending on the post they are writing, but for me, the average amount of times I use my keyword is between 5 to 7 times the majority of the time. They claim the longer your blog post the more time you can use your keyword, but there are some tips and tricks on how to use them in your article which I will be sharing next week.

Q: How Many Keywords Should I Use In My Post

A: I chose this question to answer because many people ask me this, but I also just read an article about this which surprised me. This article suggests you should only use 3 keywords per post for the best SEO ranking, now I have been using 5 per post for a long time but I am going to give this a try and see if it makes any difference or not?

Since this topic is very important for beginners to experience success as quickly as possible, I am going to write more on this topic in my next article. I remember how overwhelming using keywords was for me as a beginner, so check my website next week for more.

blogging tips for beginners on keywords
Resources for bloggers are important for their success

Recommended Resources

Tutorials To Watch

Article For Beginners

Blogging Tips For Beginners On Keywords

I hope this article has given you a better understanding of how important keywords are, I plan to help you learn how to use them in your blog posts next week with strategies and tips.

What Is On My Mind Today

There are lots for you to learn about keywords in future articles, but you will never stop learning or know everything about this important part of your business. Search engines keep changing as time does by how they are ranking blog posts, so we must keep up to date on these changes to stay on the first page of search engines consistently.

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  1. This is great information for anyone starting a blog and learning how important keyword research has become. I like to use the long-tailed keywords in my post as it seems to work the best and help to acquire that page one ranking in Google. I have had experience with both Jaaxy and Squirly and like them both.

  2. Great information and teaching about keywords, Jeff! I believe in lifelong learning. And even though I have been doing SEO for many years now, I am always interested to learn more. As such, I search for articles like yours. And am happy to learn some new things.

    I especially like the tools and resources you recommended here. Great stuff! Thanks again! šŸ™‚

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