You Are Invited

I would like to invite you to join my business training for small business owners and bloggers community group, you will find additional training besides what you find on my website, and in my VIP Tutorial Newsletter.

All members are encouraged to post their blog posts for other members to read and leave comments, we can help one another by commenting on one another’s posts.

I also encourage members to share training resources, strategies and what is working for them, you can share videos and even business tools that has been an asset to your business.

No affiliate links permitted to post in the group, but affiliate links are fine as long as they are in your blog posts.

The ultimate goal of our community group is to help one another succeed, so if you have any goals you are not sure how to accomplish feel free to post for assistance from other group members.

If this sounds like the kind of community group you would like to join and participate in, I encourage you to join and get started at your convenience.

This is not my community group, but this is our community group for those of you who enjoy Mentoring With Jeff.

Take Care,


business training for small business owners and bloggers