Myths And Facts About Lice

Essential oils for lice on dogs is the topic of this article today, but before I share these natural treatments let’s learn more about the myths and facts you should know. This information came from the website N.D. Health.Gov, so you can visit this site anytime to review the myths and facts.

Myths About Lice

  • Its Easy To Get Lice
  • Spread Diseases
  • Can Survive In Furniture & Clothing
  • Eggs Can Spread & Hatch
  • Cutting The Hair Prevents Infestation
  • Become infected By Sitting Near Someone Infected
  • Spread In Schools
  • Invested Through Hats
  • You Can Get Infested By Your Pets

Facts About Lice

  • Spread From Head To Head Contact
  • Annoying But Does Not Spread Disease
  • Require Blood To Survive Every Few Hours
  • Eggs Are Very Hard To Remove From Hair & Fur
  • Hair Length Is Not A Factor
  • Spread From Head To Head Contact
  • Infestation In Schools Are Rare
  • Most Commonly Spread From Families
  • Spreading From Hats Are Rare
  • Human Lice Can’t Be Given To Your Pets
essential oils for lice on dogs
Even though lice on dogs is not nearly as common as fleas and ticks dogs can be infested with lice

Can Dogs Get Lice

You can relax to know human and dog lice can’t be transmitted to one another, so are you wondering how they affect your dog? Symptoms are most commonly severe itching, pain, inflammation and hair loss, so now you know what symptoms to be aware of in canines.

About Dog Lice

  • Tiny
  • Flat
  • No Wings
  • Six Legs
  • Insects
  • Live In Hair & Feathers Of Animals & Birds
  • Survives On The Blood Of Animals

Types Of Dog Lice

  • Chewing Lice survive on the skin & secretions, and there are two species of this type. Trichodectes Canis & Heterodoxus are the two chewing types , but unless you live in the tropical regions, you are safe.
  • Sucking Lice is the most common type in North America, and this type is known by the name “Linognathus Setosus”.

What Are The Symptoms?

  • Constantly Scratching
  • Matted Coat
  • Severe Hair Loss
  • Anemia
  • Tapeworms
  • Parasites

Anemia, tapeworms and parasites are usually experienced in severe cases, but when treated immediately dogs rarely experience these severe symptoms.

essential oils for lice on dogs
In severe cases dogs can experience low energy from anemia

How Your Pets Can Get Infected?

  • Contact With An Infected Animal
  • Doggy Daycare Centers
  • Dog Show Competitions
  • Dog Parks
  • Family Activities With Other Animals
  • Family Vacations

This information about dog lice was provided by the website American Kennel Club, you can read more about this by visiting their website.

How To Treat Dog Lice Naturally?

  • Essential Oils
  • Natural Shampoos
  • Natural Lemon Rinse After Bathing
  • Massaging With Mayonnaise For Egg Removal Before Bathing
  • Natural Laundry Detergent For Pet Bedding
  • Natural Flea & Tick Products

Essential Oils For Lice On Dogs

The essential oils you want to consider for natural protection from fleas, ticks and yes, even lice are the oils which repel insects. Animal Wellness Magazine recommends the following essential oils you want to consider, and for more tips visit their website.

Lavender and Lavender Tea Tree are my two favorite essential oils I use for my own dogs, I love the natural scent of lavender and how it keeps the insects from bothering my pets when we are outdoors.

How I Use Lavender Oil?

  • 10 Drops Lavender Oil in a 8-12 ounce spray bottle and fill the bottle with water for a safe natural flea, tick and lice prevention spray.

I have been using this on my eight year Rottweiler since he was just a pup with awesome results for repelling insects plus his shiny healthy coat, his shiny, health coat receives compliments all the time.

This spray is also my favorite garden tool for natural insect protection for my flower and veggie gardens, I spray around my flowers and veggies which repels many of the insects which harm my garden plants.

  • Fleas
  • Ticks
  • Lice
  • Flies
  • Mosquitoes
  • Moths
essential oils for lice on dogs
Another benefit using lavender in the garden is it attracts beneficial insects such as bees and butterflies

Natural Shampoo For Dogs

  • Nature’s Miracle
  • Ark Naturals
  • Perfect Coat
  • Paw Choice Naturals
  • Only Natural Pet
  • Tropi Clean
  • Earth Bath

These are a few of the best dog shampoo’s for lice I have used on my own dogs over the years with good results, you can purchase these brands on the website Chewy which is where I purchase them for the best price.

Lemon Rinse Recipe

  • 3 Lemons
  • 3 Cups Water
  • 11/2 Cups Vinegar

Here is the link to how to make this lemon rinse recipe for your dog

Natural Pet Detergents

  • Ecos
  • Vet Recommended
  • Simple Solutions
  • Kids n Pets

Natural Flea & Tick Prevention

  • Flea Away
  • Natural Care
  • Vets Best
  • Only Natural Pet
  • Dr Mercola

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What Is On My Mind Today?

Even though lice is not as common among dogs and pets as in humans I thought this would be an interesting and informative article for pet owners, and you can use my lavender spray for lice on humans as well as your pets. Beware the lavender spray will only rid humans of adult lice, so you need additional treatment for any lice eggs you might have.

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    Thank You Dena
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