Free Online Courses

free online courses

Many of you might be thinking are free online courses worth your time, and of course, they are one of your best resources to develop the skills you require to succeed. Even if you are working a full-time job you can take advantage of this opportunity, so what are the benefits of improving your business skills with these resources?

  • Costs You Nothing But Your Time
  • Develop Business Skills
  • Build Your Confidence
  • Grow Your Business
  • Improve Your Networking Skills
  • Self-Paced
  • Less Overwhelming With Shorter Lessons

You must understand this type of education can be priceless for someone starting their own online business, but you more likely will not be able to acquire a high-paying job with a big name company.

Best Places To Start Learning

There are more websites that provide online learning at no cost to you than you might realize, and so out of the goodness of my heart, I am going to share with your the best places to start.

  • Coursera
  • Udemy
  • EdX
  • iTunes Free Courses
  • Codecademy
  • Open Cultures Online Courses
Free Online Courses


I learned the majority of my business skills using the courses on this website, you do have the option to purchase your online certificate after completing their courses. I never purchased the certificates myself, but this is something you must decide for yourself if it is important to you.

  • Up To Date Learning
  • Leading Universities
  • Top Instructors
  • No Cost To You
  • Hundreds Of Free Courses
  • Learn At Your Own Pace
  • High Rating

What Are Some Of The Courses

These are the Coursera free online courses on the first page you can start learning marketing skills, but you have a total of 58 courses to choose from just in marketing alone.


I have also used EdX with a positive experience, and you can find courses here at no cost unless you decide you want a certificate. You will find over 2500 online courses to choose from, and what you choose to learn depends on your niche and the skills you are wishing to learn. For example, if you are interested in marketing you have 283 courses to choose from and here are just a few of them.

  • Marketing Analytics
  • Customer Relationships
  • Selling Ideas
  • Digital Marketing/Social Media Marketing
  • Marketing Tools

These are just the marketing courses that caught my eye, but you can visit EdX and browse all their courses when you have the time.

Free Online Courses


According to Udemy, they are the world’s largest online education website, and I have also used them to learn from in the past as well. You might find it a bit overwhelming with over 100,000 video courses to choose from, but of course, all of these are not free. Right now you only have 6778 available, but they are always adding new ones. Here are some of the categories you might be interested in checking out.

  • Content Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Website Traffic
  • YouTube Marketing
  • Dropshipping

As you see there are courses in almost anything you need to learn to succeed with your business, so this is another good resource for you to keep in mind for the future. Feel free to take a peek by using this link that will take you to their page.

iTunes U

This is an app you are only able to use on for iPhone and iPad, you can get the iTunes app on the Apple App Store. Are you wondering what this can do for you?

  • Online Courses
  • Lectures
  • Note Taking
  • Podcasts
  • Videos


If you are interested in learning to code for your business website you will want to check out Codecademy. They do have a free plan, and you can get started for free with their pro plan to experience what it can do for you.

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Javascript
  • jQuery
  • Python
  • Ruby
  • PHP
Free Online Courses

Open Culture Online Courses

This free educational website provides approximately one-thousand lectures, videos and podcasts, and with easy to browse categories to find what you are searching for. Learning in a variety of methods from the top universities, and they all are free.

  • Audiobooks
  • Online Courses
  • Movies
  • Languages
  • E-Books
  • Textbooks
  • Many With Certificates (MOOCs)

This one is new to me, but I do plan to check this free resource out and I recommend you do the same. For your convenience here is a shortcut to Open Culture Online Courses.

Free Certified Courses

Some of you might be looking for educational opportunities with certificates once you complete the course without costing you anything. so here are some free online courses certificates programs that might appeal to you.

Learn With Google

You can learn online marketing from the king of the search engines and even receive a certificate, so if this interests you to have that certificate why not check out this program with Google.

  • Individual Modules
  • Courses
  • Business Skills
  • Data
  • Technology
  • Digital Marketing
  • Computer, iPad & Smartphone Friendly

Microsoft Learn

If you are into Microsoft technology this is an opportunity you really owe to yourself to check out, and you get a certificate to prove you know what you are talking about.

  • Gain The Skills You Need & Want To Learn
  • Microsoft Certificates
  • Instructor Trained
  • Certification Exams
  • Computer Skills


Complete courses taught by experts, you will receive three to six hours of video training, you have the option of quizzes and assignments. You then will take your final exam, and when you pass you will receive your official certificate.

  • Web Designer
  • jQuery Building Blocks
  • UX Fundamentals
  • Design & Visual Fundamentals
  • Javascript
  • Content Writing
  • Modern Web Design

I have only shared the basic information on these three educational opportunities with you, but I did insert the links for your convenience to check into them in more detail.

Free Online Courses

Advantages Of Being Certified

If you are planning on ever working for a company being certified is something you really need, but if you plan to learn the skills for your own business being certified is not nearly as important.

  • Competitive Advantage In Your Industry
  • More Knowlege In Your Business Niche
  • More Efficient
  • Higher Income
  • More Skills
  • Credibility

For me, I am more concerned about learning skills and marketing strategies than being certified. I would never pay for a certificate, but I would consider one of the three free online courses with certification. Everyone has to make that decision for themselves, and I might one day go for a course to be certified in the future.

Free Online Courses

I chose to write this article because I want to help you get the skills you need to succeed, and I struggled for many years until I finally took enough courses to start to understand how to promote my business online. I never paid for any of the information I learned other than with my time, so I do hope these resources are going to be useful to you and your business.

Thank you for visiting Mentoring With Jeff,


25 Replies to “Free Online Courses”

  1. Hi Jeff,

    We did not realize that there are so much resources available that provide online learning at no cost. Thank you so much for sharing this post, so rich with free online resources that you have encountered/used in your learning journey.

    Udemy seems very appealing to us. As you mentioned, they appear to have courses in almost anything one needs to to succeed in their online business. Would have to take some time to check them out.

    Thanks again for sharing and all the best.

  2. Great article
    I never knew that there were so many resources to learn online like iTunes U which is something I am blown away from.
    For me wealthy Affiliate has been the best course for starting my online business

  3. Thanks Jeff for sharing this post. I never knew there were so many free online resources for people starting up their own business. Which course would you recommend for someone who wants to develop a blog?

  4. Oh wow,

    I have just come across this Jeff! You have given me so many ideas.
    I am going to bookmark this so I can keep coming back.

    Thank you so much. I have to say I am already a member of Wealthy Affiliate.
    Jeff you are such a help to so many of us including myself.

    Thank you Jeff! I love your website.

    Debs 🙂

    1. Thank you, Deborah

      I am happy to hear I have been helpful to you and other members
      of Wealthy Affiliate, and that is the reason I joined the community
      to provide free tutorials


  5. Great article. I never knew there were so many free resources out there. This article has helped me out in many ways I wish I knew this before. Thank you !

    1. I did provide this tutorial to allow people to know of these free
      learning courses, so why pay for expensive courses when you can
      take this for free at your own pace


  6. Jeff, I love, love your website and this post. I an a continual learner. I love to learn and I have signed up for lots of courses online, dozens at and I have an account at coursera too. I’m going to check out the other sites you mentioned also. I hope you are an affiliate at all these places. I know that when I was a Udemy affiliate I got many commissions for referring many of my artist friends to their art courses. Great post and again, I love your site. -Shirley

    1. Thank you, Shirley

      I do consider Coursera and Udemy to be two of my best resources for free online learning,
      you can find both to join and promote as an affiliate in my online store if you are
      interested or know anyone who might be.


  7. Hi Jeff

    Many thanks for this great resource! I have watched so many training webinars that have given a little bit of information but at the end they try to sell you a £2000 course! Many people (like me) are looking to start a business on the side because their salary needs topping up, so to be able to access so many resources free is a real blessing. Thank you!

    Kind regards,


    1. I agree these free courses can be a great asset when starting a new business,
      and many new business owners and bloggers don’t have the funds to invest in
      the courses to learn what they need to know


  8. Hello Jeff!

    I’ve done the graphic design with Coursera couple of years ago. It was highly informative course, I also learnt a lot of practical skills. I would definitely recommend this website. They also have a pretty good choice of schools that delivers that courses. I didn’t do a certification though, but didn’t need it for professional purpose.

    There are some new websites for me on your list that ,I think, are worth to check out.
    Thank you,

  9. Oh my goodness Jeff. I’m so happy that i came into your website. This is exactly what I have been looking for. And I agree that being certified have lots of benefit to it especially when looking for a job outside home. So Jeff, I have two Questions: 1. About how much would it cost me to get a certification in each course at Udemy and/or Coursera? Also, do you know companies that teach Real-estate? I always wanted to have my license in real-estate.

    1. Hello, Rachel

      The cost for certification varies according to the courses, so you would
      need to go shopping on the websites to price the cost on your own. I should
      have included the prices for individual courses, but that would have been
      more like a book than a business tutorial.

      Here is a website to learn how to get your real estate license

      I hope this helps you accomplish your real estate dreams

  10. Hi, Thank you for your great article, there’s a lot of info in there. I’m always researching new ways to learn new skills. I knew about Udemy before but I have to admit that I didn’t know about the rest. It’s nice to see that I have plenty of choices.

    1. Hello, Floriane

      I am happy to hear I have provided you some new resources for
      even more free courses to gain the skills you require for whatever
      you are working on to improve


    1. Thank you,

      I really owe the free online courses to learning many of the skills I have today,
      so I am going to be sharing online courses in my articles in case anyone is


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