The Afghan Hound

The breed of dog I am going to share with you today is from the hound dog group, and most people are impressed with the Afghan Hound’s eye-catching appearance. If you are looking for an independent, yet sweet and loyal companion this might be the breed for you? This breed ranks 113 out of 193 in popularity and grows to a height between 25-27 inches. You might be surprised to know they only grow to about 50-60 pounds, but lives to an average age of 12-18 years old.

About The Afghan Hound

This is the most beautiful canine in the hound dog group, but it’s fur is more than just for looks. Their coat of fur provides them protection against the climate of the mountains they come from, and they are powerful dogs suited for hunting. You might be surprised at the huge size of their paws, but these large paws are needed for the tough terrain which they live in. Besides being awesome hunters they will make the right owner (s) a great pet, but is the Afghan Hound the right dog for you and your family?

Afghan Hound Dog Group

If you have found this breed interesting and would like more information, you can go can click on the link in this paragraph, and the article from this link is provided by The Kennel Club website.

This article will provide you with the general appearance of the Afghan Hound to give you a better idea of the appearance of this particular dog of the hound dog group.

Afghan Hound Breeders

I recommend you purchase any puppy from a certified breeder rather than an online seller or from a pet shop, so many times when people buy from either of these they are taking the chance of getting a puppy from a puppy mill. Many times people will experience unhealthy pups when purchasing from either of these resources, so what I recommend is you visit the AKC Marketplace website to find a certified breeder.

Afghan Hound Grooming Video

Afghan Hound Grooming

hound dog group
The Afghan Hound is beautiful as well as an awesome hunter and a great pet

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