How Do I Get Traffic To My Affiliate Links

how do I get traffic to my affiliate links
YouTube Advertising Tutorial

If you have been reading my business training tutorials you understand content marketing and you have the best high-paying affiliate programs, so many of you might be thinking how do I get traffic to my affiliate links? I always recommend you promote your products and services through your blog posts, I would be very careful where you post your links directly online. Doing this is opening yourself to being labeled as a spammer, and that is the last thing you need when starting a new business. So just be sure affiliate links are allowed where you post, and if you have any doubts, post your blog post instead.

Best Paid Advertising Online

The majority of you just starting your online business will not be financially able to use paid advertising, but you can bookmark this tutorial for later use once you are earning enough from your business to pay for advertising.

  • Google Adwords
  • Bing
  • Yahoo
  • Facebook Ads
  • Linkedin Ads
  • Twitter Ads
  • Promote your pins on Pinterest

Now you are more likely thinking which ones of these are the best choice for a new business, you will find you will need to experiment with several of these to find which ones provide you the most traffic and sales. I never recommend someone investing in paid advertising unless they have a large marketing budget, so instead let’s see what free options we have?

Where Can You Post For Free?

You will want to focus your marketing strategy on the top free advertising sites for the most traffic and sales, You might be surprised there are more of these websites available than you think, I have not used paid advertising myself, and you can build a business by using these sites. It does take patience and time, but if you remain persistent you will gradually experience positive results.

how do I get traffic to my affiliate links
Facebook Marketplace is one of the best places to start promoting your products and services

What About Social Media?

It is no surprise you should be using social media marketing as one of your major strategies for your business, you will find a variety of sizes of businesses on social media websites. This will be your first step to start promoting your business, so you should open up business accounts on all the popular sites before advertising any place else. You will want to be promoting your blog posts instead of your affiliate links, and this is important so you don’t get banned from the sites.

  • Facebook
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Linkedin
  • Tumblr
  • Reddit
  • Instagram
  • Snapchat
  • YouTube
  • Tik Tok
  • Yelp

For me, Facebook has been a good strategy for branding my business, but without using Facebook ads I have not experienced as much traffic and sales as by using Twitter. That does not say your business might not flourish by using the most popular social media marketing site online today, I do believe much of it depends on the niche you are promoting.

Facebook Groups

Most people will find business pages don’t do nearly as well as business groups on Facebook, so I just started my own Business Training For Small Business Owners And Bloggers group. You are more than welcome to join my group, we are focusing on working together to help one another succeed. Since the group is new the members are not many at this time, but I have faith this group will be one of my best business strategies. You are encouraged to post your blog articles for other members to like and comment, I also hope you will post helpful resources that you are using that other members might use as well. Affiliate links are not permitted, but affiliate links in your posts are permitted.

how do I get traffic to my affiliate links
Joining Groups In Your Niche Is A Great Strategy

How Do I Get Traffic To My Affiliate Links

Another strategy I don’t use as often as many other business owners are product reviews, but just because I don’t use them myself that does not mean they are not a good strategy. I just prefer to provide high-quality blog posts with information to help my readers more than selling products and services, you can find my resources on my affiliate program page on my menu at the top of my website. Providing reviews can earn you more traffic and sales simply because people who read your post are interested in what you are selling, so if you do a good job you can experience more success.

Problem Solving Strategy

Everyone in this type of business faces the same problem, and that problem is attracting the right people who are potential customers. Target marketing is another strategy you will be learning as my training tutorial gets into more advanced training, but for now, I am keeping these simple for those of you just entering the business. Problem-solving is a skill we all must practice to get better at, I recommend what works for me, and that is putting myself in the customer’s shoes. Don’t be afraid to try new strategies even when no one else you know is doing them, you never know what might work unless you give it a try.

Email Marketing

You will find this is still one of the most used and effective marketing strategies every business should be using, you will experience once you build yourself a list of people actually interested in your niche your sales will improve dramatically. This is not a short-term project by any means, but it is an ongoing project you will want to add to your business marketing toolbox. I just happen to have some WordPress email marketing plugins you might want to consider using, and some of these have a free version and some you must subscribe to.

I am using Mail Chimp myself, but all of these are good choices for you to consider. I recommend you check them out and decide which one works the best for you. SendinBlue is highly recommended and used by many business owners, but not as much by bloggers just starting out.

how do I get traffic to my affiliate links
Business Newsletters Are Recommended For Success

One More Strategy

One more strategy I am using is Quora traffic, and Quora is basically a question and answer website, I receive questions from people on this site daily about affiliate marketing and dropshipping, and since I love to help people this is something I enjoy doing. You can get traffic by joining this website just by answering questions about your niche, and you can provide them a link to one of your blog posts if it is relevant to what they are questioning you about. One more tip is I use a lot of the questions asked for ideas for my own blog posts, so this can be a good resource for posts for your niche as well. It even gets better, you receive people’s questions directly to you in your business email, so you don’t even have to go on the site.

What Is On My Mind Today?

I just look forward to each new blog post to share with you even more of what I have learned over the years, you might be interested in signing up for my Business Training Newsletter coming out in 2020 for even more business training for small business owners and bloggers, I will be featuring in each publication a new business and it could be yours.

5 Replies to “How Do I Get Traffic To My Affiliate Links”

  1. Thanks for this information! Getting traffic to your affiliate links is always a priority, without the traffic you are just sitting still. I love the idea of using Quora and will do more research to see how it work for my website.

  2. This is very useful information with the added benefit of being accessible. You do a good job of demystify the whole process of getting traffic to your website. I’m glad you mention Quora. I haven’t had time to use it on a regular basis, but I do know that when I did, I got engagement. So, I think I’ll go back to it.

  3. Thanks for this helpful post, Jeff. Like you, I find it hard to do product reviews. I do hear that it is one of the best ways to draw traffic to your websites. And I am trying to do more reviews. But still, find it hard to write these articles.

    I am a digital marketing expert, and I prefer to write digital marketing topics. So, like you, I write blog posts about this topic as well as topics related to business. And I hope I have written high quality posts that can drive traffic to my website.

    What do you think? Should I write more digital marketing blog posts? Or should I write more reviews?

  4. Hi Jeff, I love getting traffic through Quora thought it took 6 months to make it happen. I would add Zestapp to your list as well. A great place for marketing content to be found and shared. It can draw a lot of traffic if your blog posts get accepted there.
    Do those classified type ad sites really work today? Hmm, you got me thinking Jeff. Thank you!

    1. Thank You, Ms. Lisa,

      I thank you for reading and commenting on my post, I will check out your recommendation
      of Zestapp and thank you for sharing this with my other readers and myself.

      I still use classifieds with success, you just have to choose the right classifieds for
      your niche. You can give my free classifieds a try, it will cost you nothing but a little
      time and you can post as many different ads as you like.


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