How To Make Money Affiliate Marketing

how to make money affiliate marketing

The first step to learn how to make money affiliate marketing is to start with what are your long-term goals, and your first decision you need to consider is are you interested in earning extra cash, or earn an income in this business?

How To Earn Extra Cash

Of course, when you are just beginning to earn extra cash this is thrilling, and mostly because with these first few sales you start to build confidence. You see there are strategies for earning extra cash and strategies for earning an income, so if you are happy just earning a few dollars now and then, here are some affiliate programs for you to consider.

  • Amazon Associates
  • ClickBank
  • eBay Partner Network
  • Walmart
  • Groupon
  • Living Social
  • The Lakeside Collections
  • Carol Wrights Gifts
  • Overstock
  • JC Penney
  • K-Mart

So here are some of the affiliate programs I started out with as a blogger, and I did earn extra cash with these which at first was my goal at that time. There are thousands more of these just waiting for people who want to promote them, and out of all of these, my best sales came from Amazon and eBay. You also can do well with ClickBank, so there are the three I recommend you start with.

How To Earn An Income

As I became more involved in blogging companies began to contact me about promoting their products on my blog, and so I did this for a while and I earned even more extra cash more often. Then I decided I wanted to start earning an income and changed my niche to training others with Mentoring With Jeff, and so that is how this website became my way to earn an income month after month.

how to make money affiliate marketing
How To Earn An Income Online

How To Earn An Income Strategies

Now I am going to share my strategies that has been bringing money into my bank account for years, so what you want to do is start promoting products that are going to provide you recurring income. Recurring income is the key to earning an income, so let’s look at some ways you can use this strategy.

  • Memberships
  • Subscriptions
  • Software
  • Referring

Membership Affiliate Programs

How many of you have joined this type of membership for their convenience and to save you money? You can find these types of affiliate programs in pretty much every business niche, and today many of these you must pay yearly, so this is money in your bank account as long as people keep subscribing.

These are five of the top-paying membership affiliate programs to get you started, and if you are searching for a business niche this just might be what you have been looking for?

Types Of Subscription Services

Subscription services are well-known for signing up for monthly orders more than any other type, and these are known more by consumers as auto-ship programs. Another popular type is monthly boxes that will be delivered to your home regularly until you unsubscribe, and the last one is known as access and the best example is Amazon Prime.

Autoship Affiliate Programs

  • Chewy
  • Amazon
  • Puritan’s Pride
  • Bodybuilding

As you can see autoship affiliate programs are abundant in every niche, you will find this type of subscription service from most merchants that sell products people will purchase month

Subscription Box Affiliate Programs

This is just the best programs you can check out for subscription box affiliate programs, but there are thousands of companies that provide this type of service so the possibilities are almost endless how many of these you can promote to earn an income online.

Subscription Access Affiliate Programs

  • Amazon Prime
  • Apple
  • iTunes
  • Netflix

Any program you receive access to products or services fits this type of subscription, and here are some of the ones that came to my mind right away.

how to make money affiliate marketing
How To Start Your Own Subscription Box Business

Software Affiliate Programs

  • Hostinger
  • Cloudways
  • Host Gator
  • GreenGeeks
  • WP Engine
  • Liquid Web

If you are into promoting software these are the top-paying programs to start with, and my personal first choice would be WP Engine because of how many people know WordPress.

Referring Affiliate Programs

  • Shopify
  • Hubpages
  • Scribe
  • Payhip
  • Big Commerce

These are my recommendations for referring programs to get you started, but you can find these in most business industries as well.

Best Top-Paying Affiliate Programs 2020

  • STD Check
  • Verizon Wireless
  • Doggy Dan Training
  • Cosmic Energy Profile
  • Puffy Mattress
  • Tribunk
  • Lifelock
  • WP Engine
  • Kuvings
  • Medical Alert
  • Founders Card
  • Zen Business
  • Udacity
  • Authority Hacker

Here are some of the highest paying affiliate programs you can check out to get started on your search, I always recommend you choose those who are paying at the least ten percent commission. You also want them to be recurring income and not a one-time product, and if you have both of these you have a winning product to promote.

How To Learn Affiliate Marketing

There are several ways to learn affiliate marketing, you can learn from Mentoring With Jeff for free. Another option I recommend is checking out Wealthy Affiliate, you can join for free and see if the training and the community are right for you before upgrading to a premium member. Here are other strategies you can consider as well.

  • Books
  • YouTube Videos
  • Online Courses
  • Business Training Groups

I learned most of what I know from the resources above, but it took me years to learn on my own. So that is how I ended up providing free mentoring with this website and on my Facebook group, and these are your options so now the decision is up to you?

how to make money affiliate marketing
No Credit Card Required

What Are The Benefits Of Affiliate Marketing

  • Earn Your Own Income
  • Low-Investment
  • Very Low-Risk Business
  • Work From Home
  • Promote Something You Love
  • Choose Your Own Products
  • Flexible Work Schedule
  • Network With Awesome People

How To Make Money Affiliate Marketing

You can honestly with my free services grow your business and be earning an income online between three to five years, and I know for many of you that seem too long. There is no magic short-cut to any type of business offline or online, so don’t fall for those quick get rich scams that will only be wasting your time and money. Like anything, it takes time to learn and develop the skills you need, but I am offering you the change of a lifetime to learn from me for free.

You can join my regular newsletter by signing up with my pop-up form, but for more specialized training join my VIP Publications and choose only the ones you are interested in learning more about.

Thank you for visiting Mentoring With Jeff,


4 Replies to “How To Make Money Affiliate Marketing”

  1. Hi Jeff,

    Another great article. I am on the look out for more income streams, especially with us being in lockdown at the moment. A lot of people are losing their jobs left, right, and centre. So, your mentorship for people is even more now more than ever.

    I have forwarded your articles on to family and friends who are having difficulty with their jobs and might need your help to get them on the affiliate marketing ladder.

    Thank you for continuing with your amazing work, and hopefully a lot more people will take up your mentorship during this lockdown.

    All the best and stay safe.


  2. There are so many opportunities out there for affiliate marketing. No matter what you are into, there is most likely an affiliate program. With all the stuff going on in the world right now, I think it’s a great time to be in affiliate marketing. You can do this from your home and there are plenty of downloadable products for people to promote, so you don’t have to even get out of the house! I for one had success with my first website using ShareASale, they have a lot of products available to promote. Thanks for sharing this article, you have a lot of great ideas here.

    1. Hello, Steve

      I am happy to hear you had good success with your first website
      using Share A Sale, and I am sure your success with continue
      for you and if you ever need my assistance leave me a comment
      and I get back to you as soon as I can


  3. Hi Jeff,

    Great article! You’ve given me some things to think about, and I’ve been in this business for a few years now, lol.

    This couldn’t be a better time for people to look into affiliate marketing. Most of us are at home anyway, so why not look for a way to earn money online. It only makes sense!

    I became a member of Wealthy Affiliate many years ago, and I highly recommend them for training. Especially if you’re brand new. The training is excellent, and every year I see more and more added to the platform… for no additional cost to the members.

    I wish you well with your business and thank you for your generosity in helping people for free.


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