Why I Wrote This Article?

I decided to share with you how to start your own blog in the pet industry for people like me who has a passion for animals. Some of you might think I am crazy helping others get started online and become my competition, but Precious Pets Gift Shop is the business of Mentoring With Jeff, so helping people is really what my business is all about. The way I look at it the more of us in this industry the more people we can help, so if you have a passion as I do, this might be something right for you to do?

Rewards From Blogging

There are many rewards you can receive by entering the world of blogging, but for me I get the most satisfaction from helping people, no matter if it’s with starting a business or with my pet care tips for pet owners. What income I generate from this does take some financial burden off of my website expenses, but I would be doing this even if I was not earning anything, which I did for many years when I first started blogging.

My Own Experience

Before you do like many people and jump the gun by getting a website builder and start designing you need to take the time to decide on a specialty in your industry. I discourage you to choose your specialty by what you think you can earn the most money, but instead choose something you love with all your heart and have a never-ending passion for.

From my own experience I jumped from one type of business to another for several years thinking this is the one for me, but this was a super waste of my time and I actually was hindering my success. I chose the pet industry simply because I love animals especially dogs, so I found using my love for animals was actually the right type of business for me.

One more thing I did wrong was I started way too many websites thinking one of them is bound to be a success, but actually this was one of my biggest mistakes I was just burning myself out trying to manage all my websites.

The key is to take your time to think and plan before taking any other steps, and you can succeed in anything you desire if you put your mind to it. If you and your friends are interested in something there is a very good chance others are interested as well, so focusing on something you love to share with your family and friends could very well be the answer you are looking for.

how to start your own blog in the pet industry
You can use this information to start your own blog in any industry

How To Start A Blog

Once you know the industry you need to consider what do you want to specialize in, so by narrowing down specialities which are referred to as niches you can target people interested in those types of articles and products. Now you don’t have to promote any products unless you want to join some affiliate programs to earn a commission, I recommend in fact you start out writing articles without any affiliate products to build your search engine ranking. I used this strategy with Mentoring With Jeff and my traffic grew quicker than any website I promoted in the past, and I know most bloggers can’t wait to start promoting products to earn their first commission, so this is very difficult for many newbies to do.

Choosing A Name

This I feel is your next most important step in how to start your own blog in the pet industry, you want to choose a name which is simple and easy for people to remember. I also found the name should give people an idea what to expect when visiting your website, I must admit my name is misleading since my website is Mentoring With Jeff and my business is Precious Pets Gift Shop. So to avoid the same problem you really need to take the time to choose your name wisely, and the reason for my name and business to be misleading is I started my website in the business industry and later found that is not really the right industry for me. I do still mentor people since I love helping everyone, but my blog is in the pet industry so that is how my website got to be misleading in this way.

Unusual Pet Business Ideas

With more research you can find even more ideas to focus on with your blog, you can choose also from a personal or business website depending on what motivates you to start your blog in the first place.

how to start your own blog in the pet industry
With some research you can find many specialities in any industry

Best Websites For Starting A Blog

Our next step in how to start your own blog in the pet industry would be another difficult decision for newbies, you are now ready to choose the website you wish to start blogging on.

  • WordPress (wordpress.org)
  • Wix
  • Ghost
  • Joomla
  • Weebly

I always recommend WordPress.org to anyone serious about starting a website for a business, I will admit it takes some work to design and get this website builder ready to publish online but it is the best website builder I have ever used in all my years online.

Domain Names

You can purchase a domain name for a yearly fee, but many newbies prefer not to purchase a domain name when first starting out. Many people start blogs and give up within their first year, so I recommend maybe waiting until you have one-year of blogging to decide if you want to buy a domain name. The only thing about this is the name of your website might not be available and you might need to come up with a new name as your domain name, so this is something else to consider.

How To Start Your Own Blog In The Pet Industry

This is just a simple article providing newbies some things to think about before starting a blog, but anyone interested in taking the first step can contact me from my contact form or my Mentoring With Jeff page.

Anyone with a blog in any industry can share their links with me and I will gladly post them on my link sharing page, I do this to help bloggers get known from the traffic on my Mentoring With Jeff page.

More You Can Think About

For those of you who want even more information you can consider such things as do you want to purchase website hosting or use a self-hosting website builder, so website hosting would be another expense you would have when you start a blog which needs a hosting plan.

If you are really wanting to learn how to start your own blog in the pet industry you can either join as a Free Member Wealthy Affiliate which I highly recommend for newbies or you can contact me to assist you in getting started at no cost to you as well.

Recommended Blogging Resources

Whats On My Mind Today?

How to start your own blog in the pet industry is just a basic guide of things to consider before starting a blog, I do recommend you carefully consider the industry and specialty you choose as your first and most important first step. Many people don’t know you can also earn extra money online without a website, so if anything in this article interests you please leave me a comment or better yet contact me though my contact form. Mentoring with Jeff does provide Free Link Sharing for website owners, so you can share your links if this interests you by using my contact form or on my Mentoring with Jeff link sharing page.

Thank You



Precious Pets Gift Shop is a personalized gift shop which has been a dream of mine for a very long time, and besides my passion for pets you are free to personalize the majority of my products with your own images and text if you desire.


denabriley · August 30, 2019 at 12:07 am

It is great that you are wanting to share you experience here to help others get a start in building their own blog online. I know I wish I would have had someone when I first started out to mentor me, it would have saved so many years of not having a clue how to get started and finally when I did where to go next. I really can be very lonely unless you have someone that can help guide you in your online experience.

    Jeff · September 2, 2019 at 6:55 pm

    Hello Ms Briley
    I experienced just about the same as you when I started my own online business many years ago,
    so that is the reason I have this passion to help others find success quicker than I did. The
    best strategy to learn is from a mentor who really cares more about helping you than your

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