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    Avast Affiliate Program

    It’s easy to join — simply fill out a form, and once you’re approved, you can start right away.

    You earn a 25% commission on all sales within a 45 day period

    There’s a 60-day referral period for every banner and text link

    There are a wide range of banners and text links to choose from

    Enjoy affiliate-only offers, promotions, newsletters, and campaigns

    You …

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    Cyber Ghost Affiliate Program

    • Fastest payouts in the industry
    • Special offer for high performances (ask your affiliate manager)
    • The opportunity to promote CyberGhost VPN tried and tested by over 30 million users
    • The most competitive earnings in the industry – up to 100% in commissions
    • The chance to build a long-lasting relationship with the CyberGhost affiliate team
    • Access to a highly …
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    Cyber Ghost Referral Program

    Get an active CyberGhost VPN subscription if you don’t already have one

    Monthly Plan 12.99 Billed Monthly

    Yearly Plan $33.00 Your First Year $66.00 After Your First Year

    6 Month Plan $29.94 Your First 6 Months $59.88 After Your First 6 Months

    Each time one of your friends creates an account using your invite, you both get 30 free days …

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    Dropified Affiliate Program

    Make 30% commissions for up to 12 months per customer by joining the free Dropified Affiliate Program

    You earn 30% of a customer’s monthly subscription fee for the first 12 months each time you refer someone to Dropified.

    For a customer on the Premier plan paying monthly, you could make $457.20 (30% of $127 monthly for 12 months) on this one referral!


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    Insync Software

    • Partners get 50% of sales made via credit card
    • Commission payouts are done once a month, for the previous month
    • Minimum payout of $30
    • We currently can’t track purchases made via our Paypal payment option, even if it was done through an affiliate link. That said, 60-70% of our customers pay using the credit card option


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    IP Vanish VPN Partners

    • Up to 100% of all new sales generated
    • Up to 35% of all subscription renewals

    There’s no maximum to your payouts and recurring commissions continue for as long as the referred subscriber remains a customer. All initial commissions are approved on the 8th day from the original signup date, (IPVanish offers a 7-day money-back guarantee,) while recurring commissions are …

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    Live Chat Partner

    LiveChat is an easy-to-use messaging app and help desk software for online sales and customer support.

    What is the difference between the Affiliate Marketing and the Solution Partner program?

    In the Affiliate Marketing Program, you share your affiliate link with others and earn a 20% recurring commission for every paid customer you help us get. As a Solution Partner, you …

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    Live Stream Pre-Recorded Video


    55% Commission on every referral purchase

    You can offer up to 25% discount to new customers based on your performance.

    OneStream allows all major video formats and qualities. Don’t worry, our server will transcode your video to the required specs for live streaming to the destination platform.


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    Ninja Outreach Marketing Tool

    Earn 20% Monthly Recurring Commissions For
    Each Customer You Refer!


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    Nord VPN Affiliate Program

    1-month offer

    New sign-up




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    Pure VPN Affiliate Program

    40% Commission

    Get dedicated assistance from an expert every step of the way. Troubleshoot problems, learn new ways to bring traffic, Increase your EPC and do more without any hassle.

    High CPA or Revenue share won’t be enough unless you get the best conversion rate, optimized to multiply your earnings per clicks. When you join the PureVPN Affiliate Program, we will gear …

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    Strong VPN Affiliate Program

    • Reliable and trusted VPN provider
    • Up to 200% commissions
    • Help from our webmasters

    Earn as much as 200% Commissions

    We offer the best commission rates in the industry. All balances of $100 are paid out automatically every month.


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    Tenor Share Affiliate Program

    $0 – $4,999 50%
    $5,000 – $9,999 55%
    $10,000 – $14,999 60%
    $15,000 or higher 65%


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    VIPRE Affiliate Program

    • 30% commission on Home antivirus products
    • 15% commission on Business Endpoint Cloud and Email Cloud products
    • Assigned account representative
    • Notification of upcoming promotions
    • Ongoing support to ensure profitability
    • Tips on web page setup and design
    • Performance-based incentives


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    Wideo Software Affiliate Program

    More than 80 Video Templates for different kind of Business Videos

    Customizing videos with this online video tool is simply effortless

    App Promo Video

    Business Presentation Video

    Marketing Video

    Conversion rates increased 4x

    Client training productivity by 96%.