Avast Affiliate Program


It’s easy to join — simply fill out a form, and once you’re approved, you can start right away.

You earn a 25% commission on all sales within a 45 day period

There’s a 60-day referral period for every banner and text link

There are a wide range of banners and text links to choose from

Enjoy affiliate-only offers, promotions, newsletters, and campaigns

You can earn special rewards by being a top-tier affiliate



  • Sign up through Commission Junction to begin working in the affiliate program.
  • Once approved, you can start using Avast links and banners. You can include them on your website, or use them in other promotional efforts like emails, search links… anything you can imagine.
  • When a customer clicks on one of your links and purchases within a 60-day period, you will receive a commission of 25% of the sale.
  • You can receive monthly commission payments through your affiliate account.


With over 435 million users and 28 years of experience under our belt, Avast’s security software is always on the cutting edge. We work hard to keep top-notch security solutions accessible to professional and casual users alike, so no one has to go without protection. Becoming an affiliate is more than just a chance to make money—it’s a chance to make the internet a safer place!