Live Chat Partner


LiveChat is an easy-to-use messaging app and help desk software for online sales and customer support.

What is the difference between the Affiliate Marketing and the Solution Partner program?

In the Affiliate Marketing Program, you share your affiliate link with others and earn a 20% recurring commission for every paid customer you help us get. As a Solution Partner, you set LiveChat licenses for your customers. You can then buy these with a 20% discount.

I’d like to try both partnership models. Do I need two separate accounts?

No, you don’t. You can use all of the Partner Program features within one account.


Who can become a LiveChat partner?

The short answer is: anyone can. Some of our partners run marketing agencies. Others have their business websites and blogs or offer their services as eCommerce experts. It’s also possible to succeed if you don’t own a site where you could promote LiveChat.

Can I resell LiveChat licenses to my customers?

You sure can! As a LiveChat partner, you can buy licenses with a 20% discount and resell them to your customers. Visit the Solution Partner dashboard to test it out.

What’s the next step after signing up?

We highly recommend exploring the partner dashboard. Take a look around, and check which features fit your business model.