Open Library


The Open Library shares many elements with brick and mortar libraries culminating in the shared mission to connect people with resources for learning, research, and entertainment, and to make the journey as interesting and rewarding as possible.

Special Subjects

We also use subjects on Open Library to gather together books that you can read in some form now, like:

Read Icon: Look for this icon to indicate a free eBook Accessible book – Over 3,000,000 free eBooks, available to all in a variety of formats

DAISY (lock) Icon: Look for this to indicate an eBook available in DAISY format Protected DAISY – Over 1,000,000 modern works, available for the U.S. print-disabled community

Borrow icon: Look for this to indicate a borrowable eBook Lending library – Over 200,000 eBooks available to anyone to borrow, 1 copy at a time, for 2 weeks

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Social Media Marketing Examples

  • Secrets of Social Media Marketing
  • The Social Media Marketing Bible
  • The Social Media Advantage
  • Success Secrets of Social Media Superstars
  • 30 Days to Social Media Success
  • Facebook Marketing
  • How to Build Website Traffic with Social Media Marketing