Thrive Themes


We reward you for your effort. All our affiliates get 35% of each sale.

We also pay out commissions on yearly renewals.

As soon as your commissions reach 20 USD, we’ll start paying you via PayPal.


How To Become An Affiliate?

Know how you’ll promote us. Anyone is welcome to apply for the affiliate program, but because we get so many requests, we will check if you have a way to promote us already (e.g. a website or YouTube channel with related content)

Accept our Terms and Conditions. We promise it won’t take long to read it… but our Terms of Service may differ from the affiliate programs you’re used to. Make sure you go through them before you apply so that we can have you as an affiliate for a long time. 

Go through our application quiz. The first step is a little quiz we put together for you. The result will then be sent to us and we will let you know within 72 hours whether you’re accepted as an affiliate and what the next step is.


A Well Known Brand

Affiliate Support

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Huge Commission

The high quality of this product shines through in the huge EPC‘s I got from my promotion. This was one of my biggest promotions of the year, my customers loved it and I’ll be looking out for the next plugin from Shane.