What Is A WordPress Plugin For

what is a wordpress plugin for

Many of you more likely have heard of WordPress, but how many of you really understand what is a WordPress plugin for? These are parts of software that add additional functioning to your website, and also can add cool features to impress your visitors even more. Did you know there are thousands of plugins available for you to use, and many of these are absolutely free for you to install and activate?

How Safe Are WordPress Plugins

Most of the time you will not experience any problems adding plugins to your blog or website, but there are risks you should be aware of. I always check before installing any plugin to be sure it is compatible with my theme. You should avoid installing any that are not compatible or have not been tested for the theme you are using, and the ones with the most downloads are the safest for you to consider. The biggest threat you need to worry about is the viruses, so to be safe install the WP Website Antivirus & Virus Scanner plugin is recommended.

Website Antivirus & Virus Scanner

You can’t be too careful with protecting your business site, and this is an advanced protection plugin highly recommended. Imagine something so powerful it can detect threats and eliminate them automatically, so are you now interested enough to want to know more what this can do for you?

  • Detects Malware
  • Keeps Your Website Clean
  • Powerful Malicious Code Detector
  • Adware
  • Spyware
  • SPAM Detecting
  • Removes SPAM
  • Blocks Bad Bots
  • XSS Blocking
  • SQL Injections
  • Authorized Website Access Protection
  • Scans CMS Core Files
  • Monitors Core Files
  • Security Analytics Hardener
  • Backdoors Removal

I have never used this plugin myself, and in fact, I had no idea it even existed until I started writing this business training. I am going to check this out for my own website, and I hope you do the same as well.

what is a wordpress plugin for
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How To Install And Activate

The easiest method to install and activate this plugin is to go to your dashboard until you find plugins, you will then want to click on add new plugin. Now type in the search box WP Website Antivirus And Virus Scanner, you will then click on install. After it is installed you want to activate it, and you are now protected.

Backup Your Website Recommended

One thing I have been pushing to members of my business training group and Wealthy Affiliate members is to start backing up your website, and I backup mine every time I make any changes or publish a new blog post. Once you get into this habit it will not seem like extra work, so this is something I feel is very important for you to do. Now there are some very good WordPress plugins to make this very simple to do, and here are the best ones I recommend.

  • Updraft Plus
  • Backup Buddy
  • BackupWordPress
  • Vault Press

I am using All-In-One WP Migration on my website right now, but after designing my new Autoimmune Disease Community website I am going to change to Updraft Plus. I installed this plugin on my community site just last week, and I really love how it works and is my first choice for backing up my sites from now on.

Updraft Plus WordPress Plugin

This is the most trusted and number one recommended backup plugin right now, and after installing and using it on Autoimmune Disease Community I really do like it better than any of the other ones recommended.

  • Trusted And Used By More Than Two-Million Users
  • NBA
  • Princeton University
  • Proctor & Gamble
  • Microsoft

What I Love About Updraft Plus

  • Super Easy To Use
  • Backup & Restore
  • Most Trusted
  • Used By Big Name Companies
  • Free Version
  • Premium Version
  • Automatically Schedule If Desired

These are just the free version features, and you can install and activate from your WordPress dashboard. The premium paid version is even more impressive, and if you want to check out Updraft Plus Premium you are welcome to, but I am not going to share the paid version in this training.

what is a wordpress plugin for
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SEO WordPress Plugins

Another plugin I recommend you consider are the ones for search engine optimization, and the reason you want one of these is to rank better on the search engines such as Google.

  • All In One SEO Pack
  • Yoast SEO
  • Rank Math
  • The SEO Framework

I have used Yoast SEO and I liked it well enough, but I am using the All In One SEO Pack on both of my websites now. I do recommend both of these depending on which one you like the best, I have had good results using both, so it is really up to you which one you go with.

Newsletter Plugins

I suggest you consider installing a newsletter plugin as well, you are not going to earn an income without adding email marketing to your business plan. I recommend you avoid going with a newsletter service such as Mail Chimp, and the reason why is you want the freedom of inserting affiliate links in your newsletters, and most of the freebies will ban you if you insert affiliate links.

  • Newsletter Free
  • Mail Poet Free
  • Optin Monster $9.00 Per Month
  • Mail Optin Free
  • Sumo Free

I am using Sumo on Mentoring With Jeff and Newsletter on Autoimmune Disease Community, and both are free and easy to use. So again these are my two top recommendations, but I provided you some others you can check out as well.

Newsletter Plugin

If you want an easy to use newsletter without having to mess around setting up autoresponder messages this is the one I would go with, I just installed and activated the plugin and it was ready for me to set up my subscriber forms.

  • Easy To Use
  • Unlimited Subscribers
  • Unlimited Newsletters With Tracking
  • SPAM Check
  • High Rated Speed
  • Translatable
  • Advanced Targeting Feature
  • Customized Subscription Forms
  • Subscription Widgets
  • Single & Double Opt-In
  • Subscribers Lists
  • HTML & Text Version Emails

If you are going with a newsletter plugin this is the one I would go with, and if you are like me, the less time you have to spend setting up a newsletter system the better.

what is a wordpress plugin for
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Online Store Plugins

Even though there is only one e-commerce plugin I would ever use I am going to share the ones you have to choose from, so here are the best WordPress plugins for adding an online store.

  • WooCommerce
  • Easy Digital Downloads
  • Ecwid
  • BigCommerce
  • Jigoshop

I have an online store on both of my websites and this is a very valuable asset to any business, and your readers will enjoy being able to browse your store without leaving your site.

WooCommerce Plugin

WooCommerce is the only plugin I would ever consider when adding an online store on my website, and you can promote affiliate products, dropshipping, and even downloadable with this one plugin.

  • Free Plugin
  • Easy & Simple To Set Up
  • Subscription Memberships
  • Bookings
  • All Types Of Products
  • Additional Plugins Add Ons Available

If you are looking for a fit all online plugin this is the one to go with, and if you ever decide to go with digital products or dropping you are already set up.

What Is A WordPress Plugin

In my own opinion from years of experience, these are all you need to earn an income online, I would never start a business without having these plugins on my website. You have so many other options you can choose from, but these I feel will provide you everything you need. So these are the WordPress Plugins I am using for my own websites, and I am more than happy with them so maybe you will too.

9 Replies to “What Is A WordPress Plugin For”

  1. This is a great post on wordpress plugins. Thanks for the list of your favorite. I use the all in one seo on mine but have been looking for a newsletter plugin. I will check out the ones you listed. Also great advise on backing up your site before updating! Cheers

  2. When I started with WordPress, I didn’t understand what was a plug-in and I didn’t know how to customize my website. I was really confused with this stuff.

    By reading more about plugin, I finally understood that it was add-ons for websites and that it is really useful.

    I was looking for a plugin for e-commerce so I’m glad I found your post. I will definitely try WooCommerce!

    Also, I’m using Mailmunch as a newsletter plugin and I love it. But I might try another one, like sumo, to see the differences and decide which one I love better. It’s cool to try new things!

    Thanks for this valuable information!


    1. Hello, Audrey

      I am happy you found my tutorial on WordPress plugins useful,
      and I think you will be happier with Sumo or going with Newsletter plugin
      over Mail Chimp.


  3. Hey Jeff,

    Another great post, really enjoying your articles. WordPress plugins can be a tough topic for a lot of people (including me). We are told that we should only have 5 or 6 plugins to keep our website speed up. But, then because there are so many of them, which ones do you choose?

    However, from reading your article I now have a much better idea which ones to choose, and more importantly, why.

    Thank you for sharing again, and as ever, keep up the amazing work.

    All the best,


  4. Hi Jeff,

    Thanks for another detailed post.
    I’ve found (purely for my own ease of use) that I’m preferring to keep the plug-ins consistent across both my sites; but like Tom, I’m slightly wary of too many plugins because I keep hearing that they slow down the sites with a follow on of inconveniencing the reader.
    I also find it really confusing when I go to add-in a plug-in, I either can’t find what I’m looking for, or the functions are so broad that I’m not sure it will actually do what I’ve searched for! Have you got a recommendation for social media plug-ins? That has been my most recent struggle.


    1. Hello, Lisa

      I understand how choosing social media plugins are confusing and
      what I recommend is you install the Newsletter plugin, so you will
      receive everything you need for social media and a newsletter with
      one plugin instead of installing two plugins.

      Beginner Friendly To Use

  5. Hi Jeff,

    It’s great that you’ve highlighted some really good plugins to consider when using WordPress. It’s been an area that I’ve struggled with over the years, trying to figure out which plugin to use. It’s reassuring hearing what others have found to be helpful in their business. I appreciate what you’ve included here in this tutorial. I still have a long way to go to build up my new website, but these give me a great insight into what to consider to use.

    1. Hello, Kat

      I am pleased this training was useful for you with some ideas
      of which plugins to consider, and that is what this training
      was all about helping you choose plugins that are beginner-friendly
      and will help you with your business


  6. A very informative article. One word of caution though, not all plugins are coded properly for optimization. Keep the count of plugins less than 10 and check the performance of the website after installing every plugin.

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