Why Is Content Marketing Important

why is content marketing important
Social Media Strategies From Hootsuite

Why is content marketing important is the introduction to this free business training tutorial, you will find this is still one of the best strategies for your business today. How many websites do you visit that provides a blog, how often do you depend on bloggers for information on products, services and even how to solutions? Mentoring with Jeff uses this technique to supply what you want and need to know about starting and promoting an online business, so since you are reading this post you are taking advantage of content to learn from.

Business Branding

When you are the new kid online you need to prove your business is legitimate and not a scam, so providing high-quality information is your first step to achieving a good reputation. A study shows business blogging leads to 55 more website visitors and traffic is what we all need to succeed, so with more people seeing your blog posts the more sales you are going to receive.

More Ways Your Business Benefits

I really believe from my own experience that forming a good reputation and relationships with your readers should be your first priority, I always do my best to write my articles with you in mind. You can be sure I really do care about helping you succeed, but there are other benefits your business receives by blogging.

  • Improves your search engine ranking
  • Low-cost investment
  • New leads from new readers
  • Improves your ROI (Return On Investment )
  • Provides your business as an authoritative website
  • Newsletter signups
  • Comments and feedback
  • Customer loyalty
  • Gives you an edge over your competition
  • Supports your other marketing strategies
  • More traffic and sales
why is content marketing important
Every business should make it a point to add a blog

Blogging Vs Content Marketing

You might be wondering about now is there a difference between blogging and content marketing, you can write a blog without any interest in ranking on search engines or selling any products or services. I started out with my own personal website just to help people improve their health, and even now Mentoring with Jeff is not a business to earn an income as much as providing high-quality content to help you. You will find very few affiliate links in my articles on this website, but I do promote a few products and services from time to time. If you are interested I have a page on my website with my best high paying affiliate programs, you will find this is my way of helping you and earning a small commission from this website.

What Is Content Marketing

I found this quote on the website Content Marketing Institute that explains very well what content marketing is.

Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.

Content Marketing Institute is recommended as a good resource for bloggers, you can download their free guide E-book if you desire to and you can unsubscribe at any time. I am not receiving any commissions from this website just so you know I am sharing this only to help you.

What Is Blogging

As I shared earlier in this article you can write a blog without using content marketing, you will find many bloggers start out with no intention of using it for affiliate marketing. How I got started was as my readers grew and companies contacted me about promoting their products and services in my posts, so that is how I got started earning income online.

What Is ROI Mean

You might hear more experienced bloggers chatting about their ROI, so what is this stand for is Return On Investment. What they are speaking about is how much they earned compared to how much they spent on their marketing strategy. The content marketing ROI calculator is a great asset to measuring your content effectiveness, so I have some tools you can use.

Of course, I recommend Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools. The only other tool on the list I am using is Buffer, I have been using this for years with good results. I do recommend you check out the other tools, I have not tried these so I can’t give you any feedback on them.

why is content marketing important
Search engine optimization benefits from content marketing

Search Engine Optimization

This paragraph is about how content marketing affects search engine ranking, you want nothing more than to see your blog post on the first page of search engines such as Google. Even though this does not guarantee you more sales, you will have more people seeing your article which can lead to more traffic.

  • Search engines live to provide high-quality content to searchers
  • Increases your traffic
  • More sales
  • More customers
  • Generates more leads
  • Gives you more control
  • People-friendly marketing strategy
  • Brand awareness
  • Reputable business
  • ROI benefits
  • Grows your followers on social media
  • Products & Services Well-Known
  • Targets potential customers

The fact is content marketing and search engine ranking can impact your success online, so this is why so many companies have been using this marketing strategy for years.

Best Content Marketing Tools

These tools are the favorites of the majority of bloggers and website owners, you must understand these tools are assets but they will not provide success without high-quality content.

  • WordPress
  • Hubspot
  • Google Docs
  • Grammarly
  • Yoast
  • Buzzsumo
  • Ahrefs
  • Trello
  • Canva
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Vidyard
  • Loom
why is content marketing important
Mentoring with Jeff is coming out soon with a free business training publication

Why Is Content Important

Now you should understand what the fuss is about learning how to use content marketing effectively, you will be amazed how your search engine ranking improves as your writing techniques become better. If you received the benefits from this article I hope you did, you might be interested in signing up for my Free Business Training publication coming soon?

Free Business Training Publication

If I receive enough people interested in signing up I plan to start a publication very soon, so what will you find in this publication?

  • Business tutorials
  • Tools
  • Resources
  • Featured business
  • Tips & tricks

What you won’t find in my publication is any Spam or affiliate links, I am serious about providing my signups with nothing but valuable information. This is what Mentoring with Jeff is all about, so think it over and if this interests you feel free to join my mailing list.

What Is On My Mind Today

When you use the search optimization tips in my other articles and understand why content marketing is important you have a winning strategy for business success. This article was to help you understand how important your blog posts content is for traffic and sales, I will be writing more articles on how to write high-quality posts in the near future.

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  1. Hi Jeff,
    This is an informative post that has the added value of being written and presented in a manner that shows the benefit of content marketing by being easily accessible in style and tone. Nice work.

  2. Totally agree with you that content marketing is essential to the success of a business. And it should be a chosen channel in a digital marketing strategy. Great article explaining about content marketing.

    Regarding the content marketing tools, would you be writing more articles to expand and explain on each of the tools? It would be so helpful to know what each tool offers, how it can help our business, and what we should do.

    1. Thank You Timotheus,

      I appreciate you reading my post and commenting,
      you have provided me a great suggestion to extend
      the content marketing tools to writing more articles
      on them

      Thank You,

  3. Thanks Jeff, this is great information and I love that you share so many of the tools that we need for content marketing. This can really give us a advantage in working in the online world. I know when I was just starting out I had no idea what I needed to do and wish I had come across a website just like yours that could have helped. At this time I am still learning and appreciate all the information you share.

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